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Mandiant Threat Intelligence Curriculum

1 July | 2 July | 7 July | 8 July 2020

Learnings from the Frontlines

Modern cyber attackers are sophisticated, well-funded, well-organized and use highly-targeted techniques that leave technology-only security strategies exposed. To identify and stop attackers, organizations need to understand how they think, how they work and what they want.

Threat Intelligence can help you effectively and efficiently protect the business. The Mandiant Threat Intelligence Curriculum can equip you, your security team, and your organization with forward-looking, high fidelity, adversary-focused intelligence and actionable advice to secure your organization.

The Mandiant Threat Intelligence Curriculum is a four-step learning path, delivered entirely online and dedicated to organizations seeking to build and improve their CTI skills.

It offers in-depth explanations of what it means to be intelligence-led, how organizations should seek to increase intelligence maturity and capability, and how to get started on this journey.

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Clarity Comes to Those Who Deal in Truth
Threat Intelligence

The Curriculum

Cyber Threat Intelligence is a vital component in understanding the current and future threat landscape. But how can organizations make better use of it? What are some of the common pitfalls and how can organizations expand usage across the entire organization?

David Grout – EMEA CTO, FireEye
Jens Monrad – Head of Mandiant Threat Intelligence, EMEA

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI), IOCs, reports and feeds all contribute to stronger cyber visibility. But CTI holds a unique position and can be consumed operationally to enhance your security posture. Join us as a Mandiant Cyber Threat Analyst discusses her experiences from the cyber frontlines. She introduces real life examples of analyst personalities, their day-to-day activities and the value they add to customer interactions.

David Grout – EMEA CTO, FireEye
Sanaz Yashar – Principal Cyber Analyst, Mandiant Threat Intelligence

A recent SANS study showed that while organizations used threat intelligence to hypothesize where attackers may be found, they lack the investigative skills to conduct searches. This limitation exacerbates their struggle to justify the high-cost of cyber defenses and organizations often rely on assumptions to guide and justify decisions.

This session reveals the actual state of cyber security based on real world data around cyber security controls across enterprise networks, from email, endpoint, network and the cloud. It also explains how security validation can validate, consolidate, recoup and maximize the value from existing investments.

Alexis Bourbion – Sales, Mandiant Threat Intelligence
Gabriele Zanoni – Solutions Architect, Mandiant Security Validation

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This session explores the benefits of tracking adversary TTPs during day-to-day hunt and incident response operations, and shows how to use the MITRE ATT&CK framework to align organizational cyber components over the long term. It also describes how you can use the framework to operationalize tactical intelligence and prioritize threat mitigation, as well as how to use intelligence to drive strategic decisions about security investments.

Katie Bowen – Threat Intelligence Analyst, FireEye
Shanyn Ronis – Manager, Mandiant Intelligence Training Program

* This session is dedicated to a selected number of end-users organizations. To learn more about it, please send an inquiry to [email protected].

Mandiant Threat Intelligence Curriculum