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FireEye Chat

FireEye Chat, our quarterly talk show, brings guest experts front and center to cover today’s most important cyber security topics.

FireEye Chat Episodes

Episode 9

Front and Center on the Impact of the SUNBURST Supply Chain Attack on the Security Industry

FireEye Mandiant recently uncovered the SUNBURST incident, a wide-scale supply chain attack. Our revelations galvanized both public and private organization networks across multiple sectors and prompted the security industry to reexamine and reinforce its defensive measures. In this episode of FireEye Chat, our experts take a close look at the threat group behind the SUNBURST incident as well as its implications on the broader cyber security industry. We also consider what your organization should do to better protect itself from a breach of this magnitude.

Episode 8

Front and Center on Security Predictions: A Year in Review

Join our FireEye Chat expert to expert discussion for a look back on the predictions from last year’s Security Predictions report to see how we fared. We’ll also highlight other major cyber security occurrences of this year that has altered the course of direction for the industry as we move into 2021.

Episode 7

Front and Center on Ransomware

Join us for a new expert-to-expert format, with an episode focused on how ransomware has transitioned from business risk to national security risk, the wider implications of ransomware in today’s environment observed from the frontlines and how threat intelligence is vital in identifying trends and informing decisions that will help to better protect organizations.

Episode 6

Front and Center: How to Empower. Evolve. Defend.

Watch this episode as we dive deeper into two topics from the FireEye Virtual Summit: security effectiveness and cloud security. Hear from our experts who are front and center from their homes as they tackle these common questions: How secure are you, and can we be sure we’re protected against the evolving threat landscape?; Are your cyber security products effective and working the way they should?; Do you know how to be secure in the cloud?; and What should you consider when moving to the cloud?

Episode 5

Front and Center with Steven Stone on M-Trends 2020

Learn all you need to know about the latest cyber threats in the M-Trends 2020 report. Join Steven Stone, Director of Adversary Pursuit, who shares highlights from this year’s report and a behind-the-scenes look at what it contributes to the security community, and how our unique innovation cycle leverages FireEye research and frontline investigations to help you better protect your organization.

Episode 4

Front and Center on Insights into 2020 and Beyond

The Road Ahead: Cyber Security Predictions in 2020 and Beyond provides insights into what to expect from attackers, victim organizations, security vendors and nation-states. In this episode of FireEye Chat, we dive deeper into two of the report’s topics: election security and the emerging role of the general counsel.

Episode 3

Front and Center on SOC optimization

Join our host, Vasu Jakkal, Chief Marketing Officer, as she talks with Seth Summersett, Chief Scientist and Chris Schreiber, Product Strategist about why you need to work smarter, not harder. In this episode, our FireEye panel discusses the complexity of security operations and its impact on organizational risk.

Episode 2

Front and Center on the Cyber Security Skills Shortage

In this episode, we address the growing cyber security skills gap, which is expected to reach 3.5 million by 2021. The rise of technology, combined with more complex cyber security products and cyber threats, have gradually increased the demand for experienced, trained experts to fill a growing number of critical security roles worldwide.

Episode 1

Front and Center with Kevin Mandia and the Evolution of M-Trends

Our inaugural episode celebrates the 10-year anniversary of M-Trends, our annual report on the latest developments that define today’s threat landscape. Join host Vasu Jakkal, FireEye CMO and special guest Kevin Mandia, FireEye CEO as they discuss the report’s origin story and the people behind it. Watch now to get unique insights, direct from the frontlines, in what promises to be a series of lively and thought-provoking exchanges