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Trusted for Healthcare, Trusted for Security

With a dedicated and passionate team of over 450 professionals, the laya healthcare brand promise—Looking After You Always—not only reflects the origin of the company name but also represents laya healthcare’s membercentric approach, which is fundamental to its vision and values.

Ian Brennan, director of IT, elaborated, “At laya healthcare, we are looking after people’s lives. We manage member data—including contact and contract information, financial details and claim records—and we have a responsibility to protect that data. There is a trust-based relationship between our members and ourselves, and it is important to us to make sure we use state-of-the-art security technology to protect our member data.

Securing Member Data

Regulated by both the Central Bank of Ireland as an insurance firm and the Health Information Authority as its main regulator, laya healthcare has additional layers of accountability to maintain high patient data security standards. In addition, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) imposes strict rules on organizations hosting and processing personal data anywhere in the world, with an associated requirement for proving that the appropriate measures are in place to protect all sensitive information.

Laya healthcare has been a provider of insurance since the early 2000s and has confidential data on file for its half a million members. They adopt the best technologies to keep member information secure and to prevent attackers from entering the organization’s infrastructure.


Laya healthcare delivers on its policy to protect members

“When members sign up with us, they are trusting that we are going to look after their health and wellbeing and keep their private data safe and secure. FireEye is a key component in helping deliver on their trust.”

- Ian Brennan, Director of IT, laya healthcare

Protection Across Multiple Threat Vectors

Laya healthcare receives thousands of emails every day and has hundreds of people browsing its website. “When I joined laya healthcare, we needed to identify a solution that could continually monitor network and email traffic, examining for vulnerabilities and malware risk,” Brennan commented. “After an evaluation that involved multiple vendors and data from Gartner Magic Quadrant research, it was evident that FireEye would be the optimal fit for our environment.”

Laya healthcare deployed FireEye Email Security Cloud Edition which offers comprehensive security for cloudbased mailboxes, prioritizing critical alerts and providing contextual insights of events to support categorization and containment of threats.

FireEye Network Security was simultaneously implemented to provide advanced threat protection and breach detection, safeguarding the organization against the world’s most sophisticated and damaging attacks. “The FireEye solutions are very robust, very reliable and don’t require a lot of dedicated attention.” explained Brennan. “The ‘interconnectedness’ between the FireEye components is the great benefit: Accurately knowing what’s going on across multiple systems and servers gives us visibility across our entire infrastructure.”

The learning curve with the FireEye solutions was extremely efficient: “FireEye makes it pretty easy for us, and the solutions integrate well with other technologies in our security stack. We initially used FireEye Network Security in ‘monitor mode’ to get a feel of how it would perform and then quickly implemented it in ‘block mode’ – it’s worked really successfully ever since,” Brennan remarked.

The IT team added FireEye Central Management to propagate the latest threat intelligence and correlate information across attack vectors. “Central Management helps bring increased operational efficiency for us across our multiple FireEye solutions, which is a great advantage when you’re a small team,” noted Brennan.

Looking After You Always

True to its motto of ‘Looking After You Always,’ the laya healthcare brand is all about trust. Brennan summarized: “When members sign up with us they are trusting that we are going to look after their health and wellbeing and keep their private data safe and secure. FireEye is a key component in helping deliver on their trust.”

laya healthcare

laya healthcare

Industry: Healthcare

Laya healthcare is the second largest provider of private health insurance in Ireland with over half a million members. The organization offers some of the most innovative benefits in the Irish health insurance market along with life insurance and travel insurance.


  • Protection across multiple threat vectors
  • Operational efficiency benefits team productivity and effectiveness
  • Member data secured with state-of-the-art threat protection