Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

Secure in the “Business of Trust” with FireEye

As the custodians of large sums of money and other valuable financial assets, banks have always been an attractive target for criminals. The proliferation of online banking and mobile access has further increased the potential vulnerabilities of financial services institutions.

Jed Lumain, chief technology officer of RCBC, commented, “Security is extremely important to RCBC. We are entrusted with highly valuable and sensitive personal information of our clients. We are in the business of trust and we cannot make a single mistake. Over the years, we have put a lot of effort in earning and upholding the trust with have with our clients.”

He continued, “It wasn’t that long ago when cyber security was not a major consideration for an executive team. At RCBC we had all the typical defenses — like firewalls, IPS, etc. — and these used to be sufficient to protect our assets. However, it became obvious that to stay ahead of the threats, we needed to enhance the levels of protection we had in place.”

To maintain its own financial security and protect its clients, RCBC partnered with FireEye to strengthen its cyber security posture.


RCBC deploys FireEye solutions to continue its legacy of innovation and protecting customer assets

“We don’t view our investment in FireEye as a cost, but a strategic investment; an outlay we are happy to make to protect our environment and to ensure the ongoing trust of our customers.”

- Jed Lumain, Chief Technology Officer, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

Comprehensive and Innovative Security Solutions

“We knew email was the easiest source of attack, so we started with FireEye Email Security to protect our inbound and outbound messages,” said Lumain. With FireEye Email Security, RCBC is proactively detecting and blocking sophisticated malware attacks such as ransomware and spear-phishing. Automatic email quarantine isolates malicious messages in real-time for further analysis, while advanced threat intelligence accelerates threat containment and reduces false alerts.

“We really like how FireEye explodes malicious email attachments, mimicking a real person clicking on that link or attachment, but safely in a controlled, isolated environment,” added Lumain. Phishing emails and ransomware attacks are blocked by controlled live-mode analysis, which detects attacks that span multiple phases, involve encrypted malware, and evade traditional sandbox and emulation technologies. FireEye Email Security works to prevent a breach by matching the moves of cyber criminals, providing a comprehensive and innovative email security solution.

RCBC then added FireEye Network Security protection to defend its network, ultimately minimizing the risk of costly breaches and stopping attacks hiding within Internet traffic. The FireEye platform proactively detects and investigates threats with tactical intelligence, prioritizing critical alerts with contextual insights. “FireEye Network Security gives us that extra capability to perform a highly detailed analysis of all of our traffic, blocking a threat without us even having to know about it,” stated Lumain.

Protection Everywhere

Following an attack that attempted to target the laptop of an employee with privileged credentials, RCBC added FireEye Endpoint Security to enhance visibility and reduce the risk of an endpoint breach. RCBC now has the ability to automatically detect and prevent malware, or an attack process, on any endpoint.

FireEye Endpoint Security protects users, detects a breach, and identifies the root cause of an incident by extending advanced threat intelligence to all endpoints. When an attack is detected, it works to investigate key indicators of an event, block an in progress attack, and ultimately shut down any lateral spread.

“FireEye has given RCBC a way to protect all of our endpoints, even for laptops that are being used outside of the bank’s network. No matter where you are traveling or how long you are away, we have continuous protection,” observed Lumain.

Security is a Strategic Imperative

Lumain reflected, “Our strategy has always been to only work with a handful of very select organizations: FireEye is such a company. Dependability is one of the key things that makes FireEye such a strong strategic partner for RCBC: Solutions consistently work well and the continual innovations enable us to stay ahead. The FireEye team is always available when we have questions, regardless of the time of day: They are top caliber.”

He concluded, “We don’t view our investment in the FireEye suite as a cost, but as a strategic investment – an outlay we are happy to make to protect our environment and to ensure the ongoing trust of our customers.”

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

Industry: Financial Services

Established in 1960, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is one of the largest universal banks in the Philippines. The bank has almost 450 branches, 1,200 ATMs, and a presence in 24 countries. RCBC delivers innovative and dependable products to over eight million depositors and account holders.


  • Greatly enhanced security posture reduces IT risk and increases business resilience
  • Comprehensive protection across multiple threat vectors
  • Security extended beyond managed infrastructure