Stater Bros. Markets Customer Story

Retailer safeguards its reputation and earns a great return on investment

For eight decades Stater Bros. Markets has been building a chain of successful grocery stores upon a foundation of community and trust. Under its principle of doing right by its customers and their families, the San Bernardino, California-based supermarket chain knows even a minor breach will do irreparable damage to its reputation. With the retail sector being increasingly targeted – and suffering high-profile breaches – Stater Bros. Markets deployed a suite of FireEye solutions to protect its reputation and keep customers safe.


Ben Cabrera, Network Supervisor, discusses how FireEye products integrate easily and produce quality alerts

“The FireEye solution saves approximately $225,000 per annum in hard ROI through elimination of manual efforts to track down incidents with questionable efficacy.”

- Ben Cabrera, Network Supervisor


Reputational Loss

Reputational Loss

As the network supervisor of Stater Bros. Markets, Ben Cabrera works hard to safeguard its reputation, “We have to do everything we can to protect ourselves. All it would take is one breach and 80 years of success would be gone.”

Evolving Threats

Evolving Threats

Stater Bros. Markets was in need of a central management system allowing it to adjust its strategy with the evolving threat landscape. It sought a company with the research and development focus to fight the threats of the future.

False Positive Noise

False Positive Noise

The retailer found other solutions flagged so many false positives it had to begin triaging and ignoring the “noise.” There was a huge risk that true alarms might be ignored. It needed network security with a low false positive rate.

Reaction Time

Reaction Time

The grocery store chain had been measuring its ability to keep up with encroachment of threats in number of days but it knew this pace would not be fast enough to keep up with the threats of the future. It needed endpoint security that could accelerate this process.



Stater Bros. Fast Facts

Industry: Retail
Established: 1936
Founders: Cleo and Leo Stater
Locations: 168
Employees: 18,000
Headquarters: San Bernardino, California, U.S.
Size:A Fortune 500 business

“R&D is a key to the success of any organization, and there is a huge return with the FireEye solutions. There are teams of people working day and night to continually make the products more efficient, and that resonates with me.”

- Ben Cabrera, Network Supervisor, Stater Bros. Markets



Cabrera testified that combining the strengths of the FireEye products, “gives us options, and those options become even more valuable as the attacks change very quickly. We are able to retool and modify as necessary. I like that flexibility.”

High Fidelity Alerts

When Stater Bros. Markets implemented FireEye Endpoint Security (HX) it found the solution identified alerts with a high degree of accuracy (no false positives). Cabrera insisted, “If HX says something is wrong, then we look into it."

“With other solutions you don’t really have time to go and investigate,” cautioned Cabrera. With too many alerts to acknowledge a team must either expend valuable time unnecessarily or ignore alerts which may be important.

Reaction Time

Stater Bros. Markets found that when false positives became a thing of the past it could trust and investigate all remaining alerts and response times went from days to minutes: Cabrera reiterated, "Detecting and reacting to an incursion is no longer a manual activity but a well-structured process centered around the HX platform."