Why Sandboxes Fail to Stop Advanced Cyber Attacks

As today’s cyber attacks continue to increase in frequency and complexity, organizations must respond with new tactics to protect against these attacks. All techniques are not created equal, however, and today's cyber security expert has to understand what tools can and can't help in their cyber security efforts.

This paper explains how sandboxing works, the failings of most sandbox-based approaches, and what organizations should look for in VM-based analysis of cyber threats to improvet heir security approach.

In this paper:

  • Learn about the techniques cyber criminals use to outwit traditional security tools
  • Discover why most sandbox tools fall short and leave organizations vulnerable
  • Find out why purpose-built, dynamic analysis tools coupled with real-time threat intelligence are your best defense against today's cyber attacks.

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As shocking as the report may have seemed to the public, it only confirmed what Australia’s security experts have long known. Cyber attacks are growing more frequent. They are growing more effective. And they are growing more serious...Many of these incidents involve advanced attacks. Sponsored by foreign governments and well-organized cybercriminals, these attacks are easily slipping past standard security tools. Anti-virus (AV) software, traditional and next-generation firewalls, intrusion-prevention systems (IPS), and other tools are useless against them.

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