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State and Local Government

Secure civil infrastructure networks and citizens’ data assets

With a broad customer base of local governments, higher-education institutions, K-12 school districts and nearly half of state governments in the U.S., FireEye has developed a unique understanding of the challenges that government and educational institutions face.

White Paper

How governments are facing security challenges

Defenses for citizen data

FireEye isn’t just focused on one threat vector or adversary type. We monitor all avenues of attack and our intelligence analysts track thousands of adversaries to protect data assets handled and stored by state and local governments as well as places of learning. These might include student records, contractual and financial documents, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive email correspondence.

FireEye is the first cyber security company to ever be awarded SAFETY Act certification by the Department of Homeland Security.

The FireEye Government ETP service is the first email security service focused on advanced threat protection to achieve a FedRAMP Authority to Operate.


Solution capabilities

FireEye aims to protect civil infrastructure and put a stop to advanced cyber attacks that target educational and government institutions. Our solutions, designed with evolving threats in mind:

  • Increase visibility of the threat landscape through information sharing
  • Put defenses and defenders to the test through a suite of preparedness offerings
  • Overcome the employee shortage gap through force multiplication.
  • Keep pace with threats over the horizon through nation-state cyber threat intelligence capabilities
  • Stop advanced attacks at the doorstep regardless of the attack surface
  • Help teams filter the noise and address the threats that matter most through detection efficacy and contextual prioritization
  • Accelerate response to limit impact of critical threats via orchestration and automation
  • Provide the fastest and most in-depth incident response services in the world

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