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Top 5: FireEye Helix

Simplifying Security Operations

Managing disparate cyber security tools and processes can leave you more at risk. Using a security operations platform makes it simple to surface unseen threats and helps you make expert decisions with frontline intelligence.

High-Fidelity Detection

1. High-Fidelity Detection

Protect against the unknown threats that most security product miss. FireEye Helix uses patented technology and attacker profiles to improve visibility and detection.

Alert Management

2. Alert Management

Integrate 3rd party security tools so alert management is centralized. FireEye Helix also applies intelligence to all alerts to help prioritize the ones that matter.

Frontline Intelligence

3. Frontline Intelligence

Improve investigations and response with FireEye Helix. Frontline intelligence is applied to event data to give you context for a smarter, faster response.

Case Management

4. Case Management

Streamline processes and improve team collaboration. With built-in case management capabilities, FireEye Helix simplifies and improves remediation.

Automation and Orchestration

5. Automation and Orchestration

Unify your technologies and create consistent processes. FireEye Helix brings all security operations functions into a single console to reduce overall operational costs.

FireEye Helix

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